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we start this noon with breaking news out of oakland. the woman who murdered the bay area nursing student michelle lay will spent 25 years behind bars. the 29-year-old was sentenced about an hour ago in an oakland courtroom. prosecutors argued she planned the measure murder for months because they thought leigh was involved with her ex-boyfriend. >> it has been a long two years. we were able to talk about michelle as a person and recount how we felt when she was murdered. it meant a lot to us. >> we are glad that some form of justice has been served. >> that is the attorney, admitting she killed le but asked for a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter saying she acted in the heat of passion. two men cheated death twice
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this morning when their truck hit a power line in san leandro and burst into flames. we have more on the split second decision that saved their lives there. >> reporter: this truck is just a shell of itself. it was filled with uniforms and 150-gallons of fuel. it caught on fire after snagging a high voltage power line creating a dangerous situation for the youth who live here and firefighters. flames shooting 20 to 30 feet high engulf a laundry truck at a juvenile detention facility. this video provided by the alameda fire department showed the tractor-trailer that caught on fire around 3:30 this morning. >> the driver was leaves and gotten tangled in power lines. that is how the fire started. >> reporter: the driver was head into camp sweeney, something he does twice a week. he told me he never noticed this low hanging fire before and drove right into it, shooting electricity into the
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ground. as the tires burst the driver and passenger made a careful escape. >> they jumped out and cleared the vehicle completely before they hit the ground, so, they didn't have contact with the gland and vehicle which would prevent them from being electric caughted. >> reporter: autist autist -- e lectrocuted. >> reporter: a safety procedure that many may not know which saved their lives. pg&e crews didn't arrive for almost an hour. >> the area around the vehicle was charged. >> reporter: preventing them from putting water on the fire. about 40 kids from a nearby dorm had to be evacuated as a precaution but the flames di spread to a nearby building. the wire was attached to this pole which snapped if half. the driver thinks maybe it was broken, causing the driver to dip and him to run into it. there were no major outages,
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alyssa harrington, cbs5. police are investigating a bizarre incident in san francisco leaving one man dead and a woman with critical injuries. around 8:30 last night the pair were found tied and gagged and badly injured in the middle of bruce sell street. both were -- brussel street. both were transported to the hospital where the woman passed away. police have no motive or so suspect@this time. the ntsb is investigating the crash that killed superstar jenni rivera. garr garr tells us she -- theresa garcia tells us she was on her way to mexico to spend time with family and friends. >> it is so sad we have to go through that, but this is life. >> reporter: jenni rivera died when the learjet she was on crashed in northern mexico
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early sunday morning. the 43-year-old had just wrapped up a concert in monterey and was headed to the mexico city area. everywhere on board died, including her publicist, lawyer and make up artist. she sold 15 million records and in october won artist of the year at the billboard mexican music awards. >> she is the celina, the elvis presley. she will be in history for many, many years. >> reporter: media crews from the u.s. and latin america are here in lakewood lining the streets in front of her family's home. she was born in california and industry experts say the singer was on the verge of becoming a big name here in the states. >> she had just signed deal to do a comedy with abc, so, she was really poised for mainstream success. >> reporter: family friends say she never let fame go to her
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head. >> she gave everything and always game around. >> reporter: her mother says she is sure her daughter is now singing to the lord. in lakewood, california, theresa garcia, cbs5. former international fund leader strauss-kahn has reached a agreement with a new york city hotel mate who accused him of sexual assault. the lawsuit stems from an encounter in may of last year that forced strauss-kahn's resignation from the imf and cut off his capitolcy for the french presidency. the terms of the settlement are confidential. some of san francisco's homeless and jobless may soon be carrying cell phones around town. approval by the city would provide phones nearly free of charge. we have more live with that story. the big question is, kate, why? >> reporter: well, frank, there are a number of answers for that that we will get to in a moment. this is a program that exists in about 36 states and pending
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approval from the california public utilities commission we could be state number 37. the reason behind it, because city leaders and homeless advocates say this could be a game changer for san francisco's homeless. >> in this world you can't do anything without a cell phone. >> reporter: john gallagher hasn't been able to right down a perpetrate address for the past ten years, much less a point of contact. >> they think there is something wrong with you the instant you say i don't have a cell phone or another number you can use. the world has changed from the point where having a communication device on you at all times is an imperative. >> reporter: john says it has held him and other homeless back from getting the right medication, doctor's appointments, housing and getting a day's work. >> go out and pound the pavement. people in offices at work don't want to you pound the pavement or knock on their door. they want you to call them and let you call them back. >> reporter: if the plan goes
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through, the homeless could apply for these virtual virtually free phones from insurance wireless. the program also pays the way for the new shelter initiative. >> they can sent texts to people. we can tell them you need to go to this or that shelter, come up, your application has come up for housing. it will change things tremendously. >> reporter: it also gives those on the streets a sense of safety. >> it will be an amazing life changer for folks. for those living outside with a emergency in the middle of the night or witness as robbery, they will have a phone to call 9-1-1. >> reporter: john says for him it is about the accessibility and also about the respect. the city tells me it is only a matter of paperwork before it approved. they plan to meet with cpu the next couple of week to talk about the phone application process. it is not entirely free. the phone costs $20 but that
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can be reimbursed. >> thank you, kate, for that report. in just 22 days before the united states falls off the fiscal cliff and while president obama is out on the road pushing his plan to avoid it, some republicans are pushing party leaders to give into his top demand. cbs 5 reporter danielle nottingham explains why. >> reporter: president obama headed to detroit this morning to seek support from auto workers for his plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans. the the president's latest campaign-style appearance follows a weekend white house style meeting with house speaker john boehner. both sides remain hopeful but little progress was made. if the president and speaker boehner can't reach an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff, taxes for all americans will go up, and across the board spending cuts will kick in on january 1st. economists say that combination would plunge the country back into a recession.
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>> reporter: there are signs some republicans will willing to compromise on taxes if they can secure cut to social security, medicare and medicaid. >> give the president the 2% increase that he is talking about, the rate increase on the top 2%, and all of a sudden the shift goes back to entitlement. >> reporter: one proposal under discussion, raising the eligibility age for medicare is not going over well with democrats and advocates for senior citizens. >> the option, for example, to raise the medicare age actually is bad policy and will increase costs, because people who are 65 and 66 still need health insurance. >> reporter: the aarp says the real solution to cutting the deficit is lowers skyrocketing health care costs. in washington, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. a hopeful sign for the economy, today is expected to be the biggest shipping day of the year for fedex. the world's second largest delivery company expected to
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handle a record 19 million packages today alone, about 200 packages every second. fedex hired 20,000 extra worker, too, for the busy holiday season. >> all hands on deck. we are all here until christmas we will have everywhere here. we go through a blackout period where all the employees are here at work and get it done. >> a rise in online sales may be behind the shipping frenzy. retailers reported a 17% jury in online order this is season over -- jump in online orders this season over last year. this is whole new way of treating cancer. >> still ahead, an experimental new treatment is showing signs it may be able to cure cancer. how it works without chemo, raid congratulations united nations or surge -- radiation or surgery. we will tell you about that next. and a woman commits suicide and now two ousted d.j.s are speaking out. high pressure continuing to build over the area. a gorgeous day so far with
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plenty of blue skies. things are changing for the middle of the week. you will want to stay tuned. the seven-day forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on the royal family that may n's apparent . welcome back. an australian radio show has been shut down after a prank call on the royal family that may have led to a woman's apparent suicide. we have the latest now from london. >> we are so sorry this happened to them. >> reporter: radio hosts medical greg and michael kristen say they are filled with regrets over the royal prank. the pair fought back tears at they talked about the death of the nurse who fell for the hoa
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last week the australian d.j.s pretended to be the queen and prince charles when they called the hospital caring for republicans william's wife, kate. >> hello, now, can i speak to kate please, my grand daughter. >> reporter: the nurse put the call through to the ward where the dutchess of cambridge was being treated for morning sickness. three days later british police called her body. scotland yard call her death unexplained. many believe she took her own life. the memorial for the mother of two is growing near the hospital where she used to work. some people believe the d.j.s who tricked her should be punished. what do you think of what they did? >> i think it is appalling. absolutely apalling. >> no harm was intended on the nurse, kate or prince william or anyone. >> reporter: radio executives tried to contact the hospital staff five times before airing
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the phone conversation but could not get through. medical examiners are still trying to determine a cause of death. the family said she probably died of shame. >> such a sad story. well, a blizzard blanketed much of the midwest with a whole lot of snow overnight. parts of southwestern minnesota have over a foot-and-a-half of snow. it is the biggest storm to hit the area in two years. we are flying northwest into minneapolis on this camera. it is gorgeous here, though! >> it is gorgeous weather-wise. we almost feel a little guilty. >> not much! >> not much! yes! it is gorgeous. blue skies everywhere you go. the temperatures are creeping up. a few mid 60s out there. 64 in oakland, 62 in san francisco, upper 50s in concord. we will continue to warm things up as this afternoon continues. sunny skies in coast bay and inland. a similar story actually to
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what we are saw yesterday. really warming things up definitely above average for this time of year. why? it is because of this ridge of high pressure building over the pacific and the bay area. now, unfortunately it is not going to last long. we will time things out here with future-cast. today nothing much. kind of stays boring. then tuesday much of the day same story. then we pause things to tuesday night. around 10:00 or 11:00 we are watching a low pressure system to the north of the bay area. it is heading this way, east. it looks like it will spread rain showers. not much. a half inch in the wettest spots. a lot of area as whole lot less. it will continue through wednesday morning and be out of here by wednesday afternoon into 2 evening. so, we will focus on today's highs. we will see a lot of 60s. mild weather conditions across the bay area. 62346 oakland. 63 in concord. -- 63 in oakland, 67 in santa
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rosa. here is the forecast. over the next several day, today and tuesday, we are staying dry. temperatures because of the low pressure system heading our way. it will stay slightly cooler on tuesday. then wednesday the low pressure system hits the bay area bringing a good chance of rain. thursday and friday at this time look to be dry. then into the weekend things remain a little more unsettled. let's check the seven-day forecast. frank, back to you. >> thank you. coming up, could man's best friend also be man's chauffeur? it is dog training to an extreme i guess. it is actually working. you will meet the world's first driving dog when we come back! look at that! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the treatment uses a patie's ells to kill can . time for health watch now. an entertainmental cancer treatment is generating a lot of excitement. the treatment uses its own immune cell to kill cancer cells. ten adults and two children with leukemia have responded to the therapy, including both pediatric patients. one is emily whitehead. she had no other options before giving this treatment a high. it has now been eight months since her infusion. >> we can't find any leukemia in her body using the most sensitive test that is we have. >> emily has been cancer-free ever since and doctors are hoping this treatment can be
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used for other cancer, as well. well, tony tantillo takes the work out of shopping for fresh produce. he will show us the perfect way to spot a shiitake mushroom today. here is tony! this light brown color is very important. check the membrane here. make sure is free of black whatsoever and very little cracking on the top. that is very important. this one here is perfect. when you bring them home -- one thing, buy them in a brown paper bag. don't buy them in a plastic bag. ask for a brown paper bag and that is how you store them in the refrigerator. all mushrooms should be stored in a brown paper bag. plastic bags decay them so much faster because they can't breathe. the best way to enjoy these is saute them. put them with polenta or risotto, stan fantastic! shy tocky mushrooms -- shiitake
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mushrooms! enjoy them. chow! ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong, i don't wanna be right ♪ [ abrupt record scratch, music stops ] what!? it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way.
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[ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, 100% whole grain oats... and that sweet honey taste. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. [ female announcer ] find your favorite and fall in love with the great taste of cheerios. . welcome back. we have special guest in the studio here today. every year this time of year we have a special food drive to help needy families. we have gary mcadam here, principal of concord high school and several students, as well as the food bank here
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from contra costa and solano counties. they are all wearing these t- shirts that say scare away hunger. tell us about it. >> on halloween concord high school had a hundred student that is got together to raise $17,000 for the food bank. >> and we had matched donations? >> yes. over 100 students showed up to raise 17,000-pounds of food in two hours and we gave them an additional $5,000. >> okay. we have the big drum roll going. i will sneak around and present this check. it is a surprise. the amount of the donation. and -- can you see that! we have $20,000 donated to the food bank of contra costa and solano counties, so, this is obviously a very big amount! >> this is great. it really motivates the high
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school kids to go out and do this. we are thrilled! >> awesome. if you would like the latest information on how you can help, go to our website at m. frank, back to you. >> nice job. thank you. a different kind of cleans. one for your bank account, the steps to take for a financial diet. how much money you could actually save, that story and more coming up at 5:00. and finally, a world's first. a dog trainer successfully taught his pooch to drive. i kid you not! he underwent two months of intensive training, learning how to control a car. he started with mock controls and then moved to modified pedal, then took over driving completely on his own. monte's special car has speed limits -- i bet it does! enjoy the day, folks! ,, ,,,,,,
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>> thomas: what did she say? what did she say? >> steffy: i don't know. >> eric: all right, listen, everybody. let's--let's be quiet. let's listen to this. >> stephanie: i'm sorry. (sighs) the new c.e.o. of forrester creations will be the person i believe is the most qualified to lead it into the future.

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